Walter White and Walter Wheat

For Christmas, one of the presents I bought my wife was Baking Bad, a cookbook inspired by Breaking Bad. Ahahaha. See what they did there? It’s full of unsavoury foods like sweet candy simulacra of crystal meth, half-decapitated doughnuts and a Battenberg cake wearing a hat.

Until a few weeks ago, I’d never seen an episode of Breaking Bad. I’d had people warn me about how depressing it was, but I don’t think until after an epic binge-watch that got me to half way through the fourth season that I realised just how despondent it might make me.

See, the thing is I identify with Walter White, a bit too much. No, not the beard or the terminal illness, or his mad skills at cooking up addictive drugs. It’s his demented attempts to provide for his family, by being a grumpy or inattentive or just a plain bad husband, that evoke some sense of recognition.

And that’s not to say that I’m sneaking out on my wife and kids to cook up in an RV somewhere. More it is that I can sense how it’s a common story of warped ambition, of a desire to provide for your loved ones, but where through fear or worry or whatever it is, you spend all the time you should be with your family, trying to figure out how they’ll cope when you’re not around. It’s a paradigmatic example of when delayed gratification goes wrong.

I don’t understand about the fried chicken though. What’s that a leitmotif for?

Tonight I got La Serpiente down pretty quick, then went and spent three hours working. I could have been having a wonderful time staring into my wife’s eyes, but I was looking at spreadsheets in the hope I’ll do less in the future. It’s not up there with meth heads, but it feels like I’m sliding down some continuum.

On the positive side, my wife has a new recipe for cupcakes.

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  1. Oh yeah, good programme. I am up to the last programme in series 3, a series which has a bit of a ho-hum filler feel about it but is still watchable.
    I can see something of Skylar in Jen too.

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