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  • Zero Latency again

    For a team building treat, we went to the Zero Latency VR venue near our old office. We’d been there once before to shoot zombies and walk through space, and I knew that zombie shooting was much less stressful because you didn’t get motion sickness and it was quite relaxing to shoot hordes of slow […]

  • Zero Latency

    For a team building activity, this afternoon we went to Zero Latency, a VR play area in the mall adjacent to our offices. There we were decked out in backpacks containing computers, and put on goggles and headphones, before going for a walk inside a darkened room.

  • Dazed and confused

    As part of our hypnobirthing preparations, we’ve been listening to a recording of music and positive affirmations designed to calm and relax. My wife is out like a light by the end, but twice now I’ve been unable to sleep for a,good two hours after the soporific sounds and voice have ceased. I’m sure that’s […]