Zero Latency again

For a team building treat, we went to the Zero Latency VR venue near our old office. We’d been there once before to shoot zombies and walk through space, and I knew that zombie shooting was much less stressful because you didn’t get motion sickness and it was quite relaxing to shoot hordes of slow moving monsters.

What I hadn’t realised was they’d upgraded the zombies.

Thus instead of a slow moving bunch of dead things, we had half an hour of adrenaline overdose, shooting a rampaging bunch of angry zombie clowns, rabid zombie nurses and very cross zombie fat people. The time flew by in seconds, but afterwards my heart was beating so fast I wanted to have a lie down to recuperate.

Instead, we went through the mall to a bar where I ordered what I thought would be a small glass of Hoegaarden, but was of course half a litre. Last time I did this with work colleagues was back in Hong Kong with Expedia, before going to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past, and that time I got so shit faced I thought the film was in 3d and I was missing the special glasses, rather than being unable to focus on the screen.

This time, I fled after downing my pint, but then had to get on a call and talk about experimental design and designing adequate control groups, while not belching or throwing up into a wastepaper bin. I think I succeeded, but who knows? Maybe I’ll wake up next week and find out I actually had a long conversation with a pot plant.

Went home after, went to see Creed 2, regretted doing so.

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