Take your losses where you find them

Today, after calling home to wish my father a happy birthday, I took the girls to Carkeek Park for a walk. It was cold and foggy today, but they scampered around, running down the trails and all the way to the play area, where both girls climbed trees, slid down a fiberglass slide made to look like a giant salmon, and swung on the swings. They even persuaded me to swing in the swings (something I avoid because I tend to get nauseous easily) and I discovered, after 44 years, how best to gain height on the swing (point your toes!) although unfortunately that made me feel sick, so I stopped, and then we went home again.
With the kids thoroughly exhausted it was time for a nap. So instead I played a game of Blood Bowl and had my team wiped off the board; a dispiriting 2-0 loss where I really couldn’t do anything. At least it only took 45 minutes. For that particular team, that’s now eight straight losses, from losing a final in overtime, to losing every game in the league in the following season. Sometimes it goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.

Worse was this evening when I had the finals of my league, where against somebody I’ve previously beaten twice (5-0 and 3-1) I got beaten in overtime, when most of my team were off the pitch and broken. On the plus side, I killed one of his players in the final turn, leaving him complaining that the rules favoured me (which I thought was a bit rich). But a loss is a loss – that’s been a lot in a row lately. Onwards!

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