Taken for a ride

I went to the office today, as the builders had threatened loud noises. Apparently the proper loud noises come on Thursday when they’re working on the bathroom walls; today they did work on the front steps.
Meanwhile I was riding my bike to work, a commute of less than 25 minutes (I could possibly have gone slightly faster by turning up the power on my bike, but the electric motor limits speed to 20 mph so there wasn’t much extra time to shave off.)

For some reason, I couldn’t access the showers in the basement, but it was a drab day and I wasn’t that sweaty. I had breakfast, worked, had lunch, didn’t get any kind of food poisoning, and then rode home, getting back to the house a touch before 5pm, somewhat worn out even from easy riding. More of that later in the week, as Thursday is the day when Very Loud work and my conference calls will coincide.

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