Tears before bedtime

We were kept busy today: a mobile notary came to our house to go through the mortgage documents, and we spent an hour and a half with a very grumpy man, who seemed to want to scratch the top of our dining table with his pen, and who failed to take off his shoes when he came in the house.

Meanwhile the lads from the solar panel company were banging and drilling away like crazy, as we reached the third day of the install. The panels are in place, the new electrical panel is all wired up, and … and the solar panels aren’t putting anything into the grid yet, because an inspector has to come and say it’s A-OK before we go live. So another two weeks, before the sun goes away for the winter and the panels do nothing except insulate my bedroom roof.

Oh, and when they reconnected everything, the lights in the kitchen and the living room stopped working. At least we still have electricity everywhere else.

Possibly exhausted by all this, I fell asleep on the toyroom floor at 6:45, and then La Serpiente woke me up asking if she could have a treat for dessert. I answered in the affirmative, and she and her sister fetched lollipops from our stash of confectionery.

Immediately my wife put the kibosh on this, as they don’t get raw sugar before bedtime, and that meant half an hour of full volume screaming from both kids, because they’d been told they could have something and then been denied it. My wife abandoned me for her book group, and the kids kept screaming at me. I didn’t relent, although I felt rather in the wrong, and eventually they ate a pluot each (like a fancy plum) and then I cajoled them into their beds, and they were asleep in fifteen minutes.

That gave me time to do some work, play and lose a game of Blood Bowl, and then do some more work, catching up on things I should have done while dealing with the gloomy notary. Now, with La Serpiente occupying my bed, I’m looking forward to sleeping on the couch instead. Kids, eh?

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