Teeth and download speeds

The girls had a dental appointment this afternoon, so at lunchtime I drove them and my wife to the dentist, then rushed back for a phone call with a man in New York, and then went back to fetch the children, now with cavities in their teeth filled in. Both girls were unflustered by the whole experience, which was good, and we did get feedback that we need to focus more on cleansing their back teeth, which is good to know early on rather than much too late.
I spent most of the day, though, skulking at my desk upstairs. I lit my candle, let the aroma of something red distract me, and ploughed through work, until about 6pm, when I went downstairs and tried to install Cyberpunk 2077 on my Xbox. This took about an hour, after which I tried to go online, and my Xbox demanded another update (about thirty minutes) and then another update to Cyberpunk 2020 (about another hour).

For most of this, my children were rapt, La Serpiente especially excited as the status bar moved slowly from 1% to 2%. Even more excited than when I was explaining about cholera outbreaks to her on Monday. It’s lucky she was sleeping when I got the game running, because anything would be a disappointment compared to "Verifying download" or the sequel, "Installing update".

With the girls in bed I played two games of Blood Bowl, where I fully expected to lose both, and then some hot dice for me and poor dice for my opponent meant I won the first one, and had victory snatched away in the last turn of the other one, which is as satisfying a way to not win as I can find. After a losing streak, this gets my loss rate back down to 43%, far stronger than last year. So I can go to bed happy tonight, even with a 730 call tomorrow.

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  1. La Serpiente is full of surprises, IMO, it really can be fascinating watching increasing percentages on an update.

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