Teeth and sleep deprivation

I made the mistake of staying up all night playing on my Xbox, which wasn’t great preparation for going to the dentist. I haven’t been since we moved from Singapore, so I was worried I’d have huge amounts of work to do.
As it was, I just had a journey through recent advances in dental technology. They shone laser beams in my mouth to kill microbes. They took 18 different photographs. They used some scanning device to build a three-dimensional model of my mouth. I rinsed my mouth with hydrogen peroxide for a minute, and I had what felt like an incredibly long cleaning, where I kept spluttering and gagging on topical gel.

After almost two hours of the hygienist working me over, the dentist came in. There’s still some work to do – a crown here, a minor filling there. I learned I’m not using my toothbrush properly (you shouldn’t scrub with an electric toothbrush back and forth, but slowly run it over your teeth and let it spin itself to completion). My gums need more attention, and they were routing realigning all my teeth, but that’s something. Or maybe not.

Exhausted, I dragged myself through the rest of the day, somehow surviving past bedtime. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back to normal, and my teeth will be cleaner than ever before. Resolution for 2021: floss?

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