Teeth and tripping

La Serpiente woke me up before six today, so I did get to the dentist on time, just lacking in sleep. I spent two and a half hours in the chair while they worked on replacing a crown on my tooth. Dental technology has certainly improved, whether it’s 3-d scanners or devices to vacuum the spit out of your mouth, but I still had a sore yet numb mouth after all that poking around, and that lasted all day.
We had a frustrating call with both architect and contractor today, then lots of work calls, and eventually I came down from my lair to take the kids to bed, before returning to it to work on tax preparation.

After an hour or two I left to go downstairs again, only to trip over La Serpiente, lying prostrate on the landing, and almost go head over heels down the stairs. La Serpiente was also upset to have been trodden on and tripped over, so we were both rather freaked out. I out her to bed, watched the final episode of The Queen’s Gambit, and then went to bed. Or to stay up reading about the 2000AD comic.

Also, bought a waterpik today, a electronic tooth flosser. Will report back after I’ve played around with it some more…

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