Today I went for a ride in a Tesla Model S, the BMW 5-series of the range. It was ridiculous.
Earlier in the week it had been sunny, nice driving weather. Today it was overcast or rainy, and the traffic was sluggish. The Tesla did just fine, pooling through traffic without any input from the driver.

It’s that, more than the ability of the car to parallel park itself, that is really the most useful thing. In stop-go city traffic, you just point the Tesla towards where you want to go, and it does the rest. You can concentrate on the individual controls for heating the different seats, or the voice controlled stereo, or the amusingly over the top glove compartment latch control, or the fully adjustable suspension.

And it goes like stink. I couldn’t get over the silence you travel in. Even when you boot the accelerator and you’re pinned back in your seat, it’s silent and restrained. I miss the roar of a petrol engine at full chat, but lookong at a car that only needs you to top up the windscreen wash every so often, and it’s a thing of magic and wonder.

It also costs around $90,000, and I don’t see much need to drive during the week, so on that basis I could rent a car every weekend for the next 7 years and still have money left over.

But the rental wouldn’t drive itself. Oh, decisions, decisions…

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