Testing time

I’ve been on statins for a while for elevated cholesterol, and after I came to the US they had to be represcribed, and then my primary care physician had me tested to see what they’d done.

I had a blood test about three months ago, before I went back on the meds, and then again two weeks ago. And the cholesterol had gone up. Whoops.

I was fairly surprised because in the past, the statins have reliably knocked my cholesterol right down. But not this time. Could it be the lack of exercise? My constant eating sweets? Weekly pizza? The wrong sort of statins? A failure in the test? Punishment for not buying a car that runs on gas?

Whatever it is, I got a prescription for a different statin, and now we wait another three months to see if that’s had any impact or not.

Oh well. At least my blood pressure is down. Or up. Or up and down and all over the place. Luckily, these balmy summer nights are great for going running, so it’s easy to start taking exercise again.

Oh, hang on, it’s freezing outside. I really must pay more attention to that sort of thing …

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