Thanksgiving 2020

This has been the first time as residents of the US that we’ve had a Thanksgiving meal (last year we were in Canada for my birthday, and although we’ve had a Thanksgiving in Colorado and another in Seattle, those were both on the way through to somewhere else). My wife cooked the turkey while I recovered from staying up all night losing games of Blood Bowl.
We drank quite a bit of booze: a bourbon sour made with lemon juice and maple syrup, a bottle of prosecco, a bottle of cider and some beer to finish off with. Between that and the turkey I was quite out of it by the time it came to put the girls to bed.

My blissful state was somewhat ruined by a terrible run of Blood Bowl matches this evening – four dreadful losses on the trot, where I managed to play worse with every game. At least some were mercifully short, but it’s hard to lose and lose and lose. I must remember I play this game because I enjoy it. The weight of expectation, of thinking you deserve a win, can bring you down. So can rolling consecutive 1s on a six sided die.

But thanksgiving was good. We ate lots, got into an alcoholic stupor, didn’t have any blazing rows. That’s a good start, right?

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