Thanksgiving 2022

We went next door for Thanksgiving this year; mu wife cooled a combined 23 pounds of turkeys, and we arrived to be presented with a table heaving with cheese, meat, and booze. The children had requisitioned their own room (no adults allowed in) to eat their meal, an innovation that left the rest of us in peace to work our way through all the food.

I’d say that I was fairly restrained, in that I only ate three plates of turkey, this being the meat of the month that I’d saved myself for. I did have about half an apple pie afterwards though, and was basically a sluggish mess thereafter.

Tomorrow we have a ride around Green Lake in the morning for the girls, then my electrician sorts out the lights in the basement, and then it’s off to Lacey for a Blood Bowl tournament, which I’ve prepped for by losing terribly twice in two online games. Or something….

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