That burning feeling

We took the girls to University Village today, a sprawling array of shops on the western side of Seattle, to buy a white t-shirt for Destroyer and a dress that wasn’t black for La Serpiente. The latter of these was more complicated as La Serpiente kept changing her mind about what would be the best dress: should it be purple? Light blue? Dark blue? Covered in stars? I’d had precious little breakfast and was losing the will to live, but we made a purchase, ate lunch and then drove back home.
While the kids ran around the park, I drove to Office Depot to buy a filing case to store all the paperwork we’ve accumulated, and with that done, we went to our friend’s house to cook hotdogs over an open fire. It took almost three hours to get the fire hot enough (too much damp wood) and after that it was time to turn tail and go home, putting the girls to bed stinking of woodsmoke. I guess that’s a good motivator to get them to have a shower first thing tomorrow.

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