That grinding feeling

We got the dishwasher powered up today, and it made a series of gasping wheezes, but not much else. It turns out that’s because the pipe to feed water to the dishwasher is disconnected. So, a few steps closer to not doing the dishes, and then a few away again. It did make a very scary rattling noise.
It was very wet this morning; after dropping off the kids, we got a home covid test (which now feels like we took it weeks ago, not hours) and that came up negative for both of us, so now we’re not masking around our children. Which is nice.

I went down to Office Depot and printed a sheet of paper, and while I was there bought a desk lamp, so I’m not sitting in total darkness. And then I spent most of the day tidying up some of the many candles on my desk. How … illuminating.

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