That old grinding noise

My printer made horrible grinding noises yesterday, so I drained the vat of resin today and discovered that there were the remnants of several old prints in there, gumming things up. Removing them, everything seems fine, but it’s a reminder you can’t just leave a 3d printer chugging away forever without maintenance. Although I’ve been lucky so far.
Running low on resin, I’ve been working on some more trophies, but using Green Stuff, a modeling putty, to sculpt a bib for one turkey and the dismembered guts of another. It’s better than it sounds, honest.

Then, with that done, I headed to the basement to watch the third episode of The Peripheral, which is getting better and better after a slow start.

The kids are asleep, the cat is asleep, it’s time I turned myself in too I guess…

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