The Blind Leading The Blind

After over a year living in the house with people being able to peer in the windows whenever they like, I finally relented and accepted we need to get some blinds installed. My wife got a quote for the bargain price of $3,000 (including President’s Day discount) earlier in the year and I turned my nose up at that, finding it insane. It turns out that by waiting six months, the price has dropped by a quarter, so for once my lassitude has paid off.
The blind man came today, did his measurements and then stood around while we argued about what colours we want to have. I’m glad we have such trivialities to debate. Then off he went, and I went back to work, struggling today after hours of meetings and long and drawn out emails to get anything done. On the plus side, I had people telling me how amazingly helpful I am, so at least my ego got stroked a bit.

This evening, Destroyer, after a day of being good, screamed at her sister for taking her drinks coaster. And yelled at me for turning the ceiling fan off when it was cold. And growled and growled. So we had to remonstrate with her a bit, and point out this kind of raging is unacceptable. We kept our tempers, because slowly we’re learning getting mad only throws petrol on the fire, but there was still half an hour of weeping and raging before she calmed down. She was consumed with anger two years ago when we were in Singapore, and she’s still often maddened now. I hope clear air returns soon and we can all get some normality. At least whatever counts as normality now.

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