The daily grind

Today was a real grinder. I woke up late at 7:30, and didn’t have time to get the girls to walk to school before a cascade of calls and meetings began, that didn’t let up until mid afternoon. I didn’t even get a lunch break to entertain the girls, and when we were done with calls, then there was work to catch up on. I made it down at 6, by which point my wife was a wreck after having to handle the girls all day without a break.
Tomorrow is almost as bad, with meetings not just back to back but scheduled simultaneously, and perhaps worse as it’s Veterans Day, the girls have no school and also need entertaining. But I have a short break at lunchtime to fetch my new spectacles, so I can take the girls with me in the car and let my wife have a short break.

I did take the girls for a walk this evening, and I managed to do nine pull ups, so that’s some improvement. My scheme now is to do more pull ups every day until Christmas. If I could just manage to do them all day, rather than desperate motions at the end of the day, that would probably be healthier. And perhaps sneak another run at Coal Creek this week…

We played Beat Saber, my wife fell asleep in her chair and I won a game of Blood Bowl in the last turn of the match. So some things are working. Onwards…

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