The day after

I spent most of today exhausted, which I put down to worrying about things in general, to spending so much time in a car yesterday concentrating on driving, and not having a proper lunch today (instead, my workmates bought an enormous chocolate cake for my birthday and I ate that instead – it turned out not to be a substitute for a proper meal).

I got home, pretty much incapable of speech. My wife has to return to Halifax for a funeral this week, so I’m in charge of the girls from tomorrow morning onwards. That meant all sorts of confusion for me figuring out when I need to take each one to school, when I pick them up from school, what snacks to bring them after school vs what meals to pack them to take to school, and on and on and on. Hopefully I get the hang of it after a couple of days, and neither child bullies me into relenting and giving them nothing to eat apart from sweets.

But there’s still more than half of that cake sitting in the fridge. Will it be there when my wife gets home?

The girls did go to sleep very quickly tonight, which was a mercy. Tomorrow morning is early gym day for La Serpiente, and that means I need to get both the girls out of the house first thing, and then get Destroyer to her school on the other side of Ballard. So it’s going to be go go go first thing in the morning. Let’s hope I make it through.

I also opened more birthday presents, so I now have two banjo straps, three more books, and a lovely pullover to wear. And I really, really want to sleep. Toodle pip!

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