The day before Easter

I had a swim booked today, but as I got ready to enter the pool, I discovered that my goggles had broken, the rubber connecting the eyepieces together ripping irreparably. I tried breaststroke, failed horribly, did a length of backstroke and then sat in the hot tub for fifteen minutes, then went home.
On a more positive note, I finally got my hair cut after more than six months, so it doesn’t flop in my face any more and so I can avoid wearing a hat or a headband for a few days and not be irritated by my own hair. So that’s nice.

The girls and I painted some Warhammer 40,000 miniatures today; three giant, evil Space Marines, that they’ve decorated in purple and green. Which is something, I suppose. Really something.

And it’s Easter tomorrow, so we have a lot of rather too dense hot cross buns to eat, a front yard full of plastic eggs, and … And I want to sleep. Usuals, really.

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