The eyes have it

I went to the optician today to get my eyes checked, as it’s been almost a year. My eyesight has worsened slightly since then, to the point that I’ll probably need progressive or bifocal lenses in another year. For now, it’s just near sight that’s an issue, and so although my eyes aren’t as good as once they were, it was cheering to be told I’m a couple of years better than average.
To celebrate, I went to Whole Foods and bought some carrots and a block of parmesan, then drove home again. Life is simple sometimes

The children were demented today. We have a dried up fake river bed in our back yard, and Destroyer and a friend had taken it on themselves to hurl rocks half the size of their heads out of the river bed so they could look for worms. I asked them to stop. I made Destroyer tidy up, which made her cross, and then as both children weren’t getting TV today after being antagonistic, I made them go on a long walk with me in the evening.

Then I lost a game of Blood Bowl on the final turn, and then drew another match, which made me content as it was against somebody I regard as much better than me. So there’s progress, of a sort

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