The fight against nostalgia

I got up early this morning and rushed to the office. This reminded me of how awful commuting was – the train was packed all the way from Beckenham to Victoria, and then the queue to board the Tube was long and slow too. Still, things aren’t as terrible as they could have been, I suppose. I got to the office by 8:30, in time for some breakfast before my calls started, and then trundled through meeting after meeting until it was time to meet a friend for lunch in Covent Garden.

Then back to the office, for more meetings and an interview at 6:30, basically a ten hour day. I was glad to get the Tube back to Victoria, then a train to Beckenham, where my mother picked me up in her car and took me home for dinner. I’m quite spoiled, really.

This week I haven’t tidied as much of my parents’ spare room as I’d hoped, but it began to feel quite stressful for everyone involved. Instead, after I found an old Space Marine and sold him for £10, I felt I’d done enough tidying for one week. This may not been entirely true.

I have also been playing less Blood Bowl than in previous weeks. I got a game in tonight, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite losing 3-1. I started very badly and thought it would be a game where I was plagued by bad dice, but instead things went really quite well, and even if I couldn’t win, I squashed enough of the opposition that 3 of my players could be upgraded. Which is nice, and tomorrow I have another tabletop match after work, so by the end of the week I’ll have tripled my Blood Bowl games played this decade. And on, and on, and on… 

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