The future is boring

… and that’s exciting.

Douglas Adams said technology is anything invented after you’re twenty; older than that it’s just normal. But if you stop and pause and realise how quick we adjust to things that are miraculous, it’s kind of amazing.

It’s not exciting that I can choose to watch almost any movie I want to watch tonight. It’s just something I can do. Arranging to buy some dice for a guy I’ve never met on the other side of the planet is unremarkable. My car, a glorified milkfloat, can do three hundred miles for less than fifteen dollars, and if I encounter a boy racer in a lowered car with a massive exhaust, I can sit on his tail without even trying, the pride of Korean technology accelerating me silently to 60 mph without any flash or noise or excitement.

And if I put on my Oculus and watch a movie, it’s indistinguishable from going to the cinema. To the point that I have to struggle the day after to determine that my memory of watching a film in a theatre isn’t quite accurate.

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