The Great Christmas Escape

I let Frogmorton out to wander on the balcony this morning and he skulked back and forth across the deck, staring at the crows flying back and forth above. As usual, I left him to his happy wandering, knowing that our cat just sits and stares at the birds.

About ten minutes later I went back to check on him. But Froggy was nowhere to be seen. Normally he’d sit under the eaves of the house, out of the wind, or else at the corner of the balcony, looking at the birds.

There was a series of thuds, and I looked up to see Froggy peaking over the edge of the roof at me.

Shortly, he descended and stood on the railing running around the edge of the balcony. I’m aware he’s a cat and good at balancing, but having him precariously positioned twenty feet above the ground wasn’t something I liked, so I gathered him up as gently as I could, and returned him to the house. No more Christmas Day carousing for Frogmorton on the roof.

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