The iceman cometh

I woke to see snow on the ground outside our house: an isolated burst of the white stuff, invisible just a few blocks away. I had got up early to go climbing, but there was still ice on the ground at midday. I think we’re arriving in winter…
Climbing was tough (again) – another sign I need to climb more and get my strength back – after which I went home and dozed for a while before taking the kids out to see the snow and build a snowman. Well, an iceman, I guess.

Late this afternoon they put on a play for us, which involved lots of plastic sharks, screaming and hammering on the keys of the piano. It was … a thing.

Then this evening we had friends over for cheese, a three hour burst of cholesterol after which I want to just lie down and sleep. Hopefully there’s no more snow tomorrow.

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  1. Snow is Seattle, snow in Beckenham – whatever next ! Ours lasted long enough for me to screech “it’s snowing”, but not long enough for the rest of the household to see it !!!

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