The kids are alright

I woke up feeling a bit hungover this morning, and had to go fetch a car for the weekend before dragging the kids out for brunch at a friend’s house. We fed them pancakes and bacon and they were all pretty copacetic, but then they went out in the back yard and played with mud until they were covered in it, which made me unreasonably cross. Still, we had them changed and cleaned up after lunch, and then came a long, long debate with them to persuade them of the merits of going out to the zoo to look at things, rather than just hanging out in the park over the street, which, while convenient, grows monotonous in the long term.

The zoo was the usual amount of fun. There was a gecko on display that children could touch – an enormous gecko, the size of a tube of toothpaste. I was pleased to see that (I rather miss the barking of geckos from back in Singapore, as they battled for territory inside our air conditioner’s ducts).

In the evening, my parents kindly volunteered to put the kids to bed while we went out for dinner.

Well, while we first went to get my wife’s phone back from having its screen repaired, and then looking for dinner in University town. That particular part of Seattle is a street of Asian restaurants, under a huge cloud of cannabis smoke. We went into a drugstore where there was a man with a six foot plank of wood sticking out the collar of his sweatshirt, and his low level grumbling was the most sense anyone made in that side of town. We got back in our rental minivan and drove to Phinney Ridge, to have non-spicy Thai food and then some sweet, sweet cherry pie.

And thence, home to bed. The kids have yet to wake up, but they’re alright.

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