The lowdown

One of the tests Deskbound suggests to determine if you have good lower body fitness is to see whether you can hold a deep squat for ten minutes. So after lunch today I hunkered down next to the corporate sofa, looked out of the window and tried to manage ten minutes on my haunches.

Every few minutes somebody would walk past and ask me if I was ok. I guess perhaps it isn’t normal behaviour after all in the average office to be squatting on the floor. Or grunting in pain as your face gradually turns bright red, I suppose.

Well, I didn’t grunt much. It did become fairly painful, from about three minutes in, and after five minutes I had to stop and stand up, but I suppose that means I have half good lower body fitness. Maybe just one of my legs? Both my shins were burning with pain after this, but the agony soon subsided. Whether my feet are now really sore because of all of yesterday’s climbing, or whether that was somehow caused by squatting overenthusiastically, or just by practicing standing up too much last night, I really can’t tell, but as I lay on Destroyer’s bed tonight and she yelled at me (she really doesn’t like it if I relate the story of the Gignerbread Man but substitute the name of her sister) I didn’t really care; all I wanted to do was to put my feet up.

I avoided eating any sweets today at work, although in a weak moment I had a couple of chocolate hob nobs, and then an entire packet of jelly snakes before bed. This diet thing is hard.

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