The Matrix Resurrections

The fourth Matrix film was released on HBO Max tonight, so we watched it. It was a bit of a mess: lots of referring to the original movie, mixed in with a lot of sludge attempting to be metatextual or just break the fourth wall because it could. At times, it felt like a story about trying to make a Matrix movie and not a Matrix movie itself.
So that was quite uninvolving and a bit of a yawn fest. The fight scenes weren’t anything exciting (possibly a function of the actors getting older?) and we missed some of the villains (Doogie Houser was not a sufficient replacement for Hugo Weaving, and the sunglasses indoors of the original have really aged.

So there was that, there was a lot more about mental illness (or perhaps it was just more front and centre) and nothing stood out as being particularly epic. Just going through the motions, and it made me regret once more that they didn’t just stop after the first one.

Of course, it wasn’t half as bad as And Just Like That, the Sex and the City follow up. So things could always be worse …

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