The night before

It’s La Serpiente’s seventh birthday tomorrow, which marks the point at which almost a sixth of my life has been spent as a parent. Exhausted after a day of play, she insisted she was too excited to sleep, shortly before falling asleep. La Serpiente has always been great at going to sleep. (Staying asleep, less so.)
I was exhausted (a long warm day after a late night) and struggled even with basic things like wrapping her and her sister’s presents. After reading a story about the princesses from Frozen, both girls are obsessed by having a piece of string they can follow around the house that will lead them to their presents. Assuming she’s going to be up far too early tomorrow morning, we neglected to build a series of tripwires for them.

My wife embarked on an incredibly complicated recipe for their birthday cakes. While I taped and folded paper, she was whipping up meringue, making buttercream and doing interesting things with sugar. She sent me to bed as I was practically narcoleptic, and she’s still baking now. I hope she’s done by morning time…

And so to bed. Tomorrow will be exciting, of that I am certain.

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