The night before Christmas

The girls refused to leave the house until 1:30 this afternoon, and as soon as we did, the pharmacy called to tell me my prescription was ready. So we all walked fifteen blocks north, and then south fifteen blocks, and then went to Salmon Bay park for the girls to play.
This meant I walked more than I do in most days of the week, and I also got exercise both spinning the merry-go-round for the girls, and bouncing the see saw up and down (the faster and more violent, the better, apparently).

Then we all went home, had dinner and tried to wrap presents. The entire living room is filled with presents this year, perhaps a diversion from covid meaning we can’t go to see people. Mounds of stuff.

Our next door neighbour dressed up as Santa and gave the girls a present each, and then they went to bed, insisting they’d put themselves to bed. Surprisingly, when I checked in on them at 7:45 they were passed out cold, cuddled up to one another. Bless em.

Of course, La Serpiente wouldn’t stop waking up, so I didn’t get to watch all of the Harold & Kumar Christmas special, as I try to every year, but we got half way through before I gave up. I hope I have enough sleep to survive tomorrow….

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