The night before departure

I have a 6am flight tomorrow morning. I need to get to the airport by 4,which means I need to be out of bed and in a taxi just after 3am, and it’s almost half past ten here. Which is a roudnabout way of saying I’m not getting much sleep until Salt Lake City. Oh well…
This evening I had a bit of banjo practice, struggled to shut a window, drank a couple of raspberry flavoured beers, you know, the usual kind of thing. I probably shouldn’t be drinking beer because I’m trying to lose some weight, but the banjo playing reduced my inhibitions, or something like that.

I also spent time watching YouTube videos where various people do ludicrous fitness challenges, like trying the US Marine Fitness test without any preparation, in the midday sun in Sydney. This is a bit crackers. Then again, the US Marine Fitness test doesn’t seem to be that strenuous to me; you do some press ups, some sit ups and then run around a bit. If that’s a true rendition, it’s hardly on the level of the SAS and the whole "get lost in the Brecon Beacons for 48 hours and try not to die" approach. But try fitting that into a ten minute YouTube spot.

Then I played the banjo some more, packed (which I should have done before I started drinking beer, but as I’m taking beer with me to Canada I wanted to test it first) and then grew paranoid that my Uber driver will burgle my house while I’m away.

So, a normal evening, really. One more sleep (and a drowsy day on three different planes) til I see my darlings again.

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