The night before the night before Christmas

This morning the girls went to Swansons Christmas Tree Farm, while I stayed at home and worked. In line with the Biblical plagues besetting the house (so far floods and flies) I expected something dreadful to happen, but instead our exterminator came to check the basement, then wander off again. So that wasn’t very eventful.
My head is still bunged up with mucus and I can’t hear out of my left ear at the moment, which is fun, but working from home on data doesn’t require hearing or not hacking up phlegm every five 6, so no worries there.

Christmas is coming, and I love unwrapping presents, but I am feeling ever more guilty about the waste of paper required. So for the last few days the girls have been gainfully employed decorating paper bags from the grocery store, and then tonight after the girls were asleep, my wife and I wrapped all the presents in brown paper.

So far so good, but I worry that grocery bag paper may be too strong for the girls to tear, and so we’ll spend all of Christmas Day trying to open the presents again, but hey, memories.

My new driving licence arrived in the post today; depressingly, my face seems to have got a bit fatter since they took the photo for my provisional licence. But I suppose that’s the consequence of time and a fatty diet.

Anyway, the presents are around the tree, the bins are out for tomorrow’s collection and it’s Christmas in 24 hours. So it’s time to watch Die Hard and go to bed.

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  1. Your face (mumps as someone suggested) looks like it’s been doctored in your photo. Intern having a laugh or something. I can’t believe you actually look like that, especially considering we see you quite regularly on this blog.

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