The Night Mayor

I finished rereading The Night Mayor tonight. It wasn’t quite as good as I remembered, partly because it wasn’t as long as I remembered, and also because I knew the twists. Damn a memory that spans a quarter century! I suppose it may be unfair to compare one of Newman’s earliest novels with the rest of his piece, but The Quorum is probably still much better. I wonder if I’d go crazy over The Original Doctor Shade again or not…

Last night La Serpiente was very unsettled, but she was right as rain this morning. Maybe that’s because it was raining, so she got to take her umbrella to school. Or perhaps it was that her father bought her a babycinno and a pain au chocolat for the second day in a row. Ah, the simple bribes.

I had the strangest thing. A propos of nothing, about six this evening, my legs were suddenly struck with a massive ache. Maybe I hadn’t moved enough,or too much, or some alternative between those two. I scuttled home and then ate beetroot. I am a simple man.

Or a dream of one.

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  1. I love beetroot too. Always get a jar of shredded Beetroot when I’m in Sainsbury’s. It’s particularly nice, I reckon, spread on baked Salmon, in salads, or in a sandwich (sliced).

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