The Palace Kitchen

This evening we went out with friends to The Palace Kitchen, one of my favourite Tom Douglas restaurants. I ate too much – vegetable tempura, tomato salad, street corn and then an enormous piece of sirloin, tempted away from vegetarianism for the second time this month – and almost had my comeuppance when I tried to swallow a piece of meat that was roo big and began to choke on it. Thankfully the Heimlich manoeuvre wasn’t required. That would have been a slapstick end to the evening; in between we knocked over a glass of cider and a fondue set. The second was more worrying but apparently hot cheese does turn, so we shoudknt have worried.

Then we came home to move furniture around our house (the living room is now almost finished) and then crawl to bed, bodies filled to bursting.

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  1. Interesting food in Seattle ! Street Corn. Roo (as in kangaroo I presume). Cheese that doesn’t Turn. What does it all mean !

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