The pay off

Today I had the day off, but the binmen didn’t, so we spent the morning giving them envelopes of cash. I didn’t realise we had a separate guy for each of our three bins (garbage, yard waste and recycling) and I never have any cash so I spent all morning going back and forth to the bank and getting twenties, one at a time.
The guy driving the recycling truck let La Serpiente sound the horn, which was gratifying loud, and then we went shopping at the Goodwill for presents for our daughters to give each other. Admirably, they both chose the same things, so I hope they’ll both be happy.

La Serpiente’s tooth finally fell out, to great excitement, and so we had to give her the tooth fairy box as an early present. She woke up in the night to discover a $5 bill, after only expecting chocolate, and declared "i’ll be a big girl soon", an ambition that left me welling up with pride or tears, I don’t know which.

Our next door neighbour dressed up as Santa and delivered presents, which leaves the kids amazed but also unaware for another year where the presents come from. I hope we get some credit. But now, it’s time to turn out the lights and sleep, and hope my ear is less infected tomorrow…

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