The rains come in again

It’s warmer, but wetter, in Seattle at the moment. I rode to work, got changed, got through most of the work that I needed to today, then picked up my new spectacles and rode home.

The rain wasn’t torrential; just a drizzle that meant I couldn’t see a thing through my glasses. (They’re an old pair of plastic Specialized lenses I got back in 2006 to protect my eyes from debris on the road. I suppose the protective benefit is less if you can’t see and ride into a tree.) There were also a lot of people walking around on the poorly lit streets of Seattle, wearing the tech uniform of a black hooded top and jeans, which really isn’t conducive to not being run over. Thankfully, my bike does have some powerful lights, so I avoided collisions, got home, put the bike back in the suspiciously dry basement, and then drank cider and put the girls to bed.

Tonight, Destroyer told me she only wanted her mother to put her to bed and not her father. Whereas La Serpiente is now demanding I hug her every night. Are the two of them engaged in some complicated psy-ops to mess with my head? I expect so.

Progress on resolutions remains steady: I’ve lost 0.5kg since yesterday, and I’ve done 1 pull up. Tomorrow I expect to lose another 500 grams and do 2 pull ups, and continue in this way until I hit 30 pull ups at the end of the month…

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