The Samson Effect

After I got my hair cut, I’ve been experimenting with not shampooing it. My barber, as well as carrying on about coronavirus being a wheeze to enrich big business, was saying that shampoo is much too powerful and removes too much from your hair and scalp.
So for the last week, I’ve rinsed it with water, and hope. Thus far my hair hasn’t become foul and revolting…yet.

If this does work, it will be interesting – rather than pouring bottles of detergent down the drain every day, I can stay clean with just water. Or perhaps my hair is going to get quite disgusting quite quickly. I haven’t run for the last two days, so I don’t know what the impact of lots of sweat and toil will be.

Coincidentally, I’ve been utterly knackered the last two days. Maybe I’m like Samson, but it was all about not washing your hair, not getting it cut …

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