The second day back is the worst

We met friends for dinner tonight, at a restaurant by the cable car station at the top of Mount Faber. The views were great and it was wonderful to see people we hadn’t met for seven years, but as we had all our kids conversation was a little curtailed by the constant need to keep eyes out for little dearests sprinting towards glass doors or innocent waitstaff.
Still, nothing and nobody broken and eventually we made our way down the hill to home. The jet lag is hitting me quite hard now – the second day is usually the hardest, as the initial bump of adrenaline is gone but you’re still tired.

Today was also the second anniversary of starting my new job. I got lots of congratulations on this (imagine! I’ve not been sacked!) as well as a helium balloon that I need to somehow transport home for my kids to enjoy. But logistical complexities like that are too much to handle right now.

I also got a new toy today, a Rolflex, which I’m going to use to massage my arms and legs. But I’m too tired to start that now – I will report back shortly.

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