The swim is the thing

I went swimming this evening and felt unnaturally strong; my first length was an almost unprecedented 32.9 seconds, and I managed to keep my rest period to only thrifty seconds between most laps (whereas usually I’m resting for a minute between each 38 second length). I did 16 laps; near the end I was starting to suffer, probably due to a lack of good form (time for lessons again?) but I think that many lengths in 21 and a half minuymay be a personal best. I did 18 laps in one session last year, before the pandemic stuffed up regular exercise – that’s the new one to beat.

Quite why I was going so well I don’t know – starting half an hour earlier? Not arriving late and in a total panic? Remembering to look down at the line on the floor of the pool? Who knows?

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day and it’s quite taken La Serpiente’s imagination – she spent most of this morning detailing how she was going to carry out pranks on the rest of us, although it seems her plan is to turn the volume up full on our smart speaker, and not much else. I’m glad she has an enthusiasm for practical jokes and japery; I may find it less funny first thing in the morning, but let’s be optimistic.

Anyway, after that I had a great fun game of Blood Bowl, rather than the doom tests they’ve often been of late, with the dice (mostly) on fire and managing to get away with desperate plays. So although I have to be up for meetings in seven hours, and there’s cataclysmic thumping noises from the girls’ room, things are going well.

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