The Year Begins Tomorrow

It’s been a bit of a blur getting here, but we’re back in Singapore at last. Preparing to travel was a seemingly never ending process of packing, running out of luggage, buying new bags, watching as the bags tore open, and further panicking.
My wife had bought a coat in the sales, but for complicated reasons it had to be delivered from Leeds by courier, and instead of arriving as scheduled on Saturday, it was lost in DHL’s London facility until 11am on the 2nd, and only arrived at 5pm, just as we’d finished loading the taxi that was taking us to Heathrow. Between that and my wife falling down the stairs and bruising her bum we weren’t approaching things in a stress free manner.

On the positive side, La Serpiente was perking up and Destroyer didn’t have a black eye after all, just a sty that needed ointment.

We had plenty of time to ponder our fortune because roadworks in Crystal Palace meant we took half an hour to travel 100 yards, but apart from that the journey to Heathrow was swift. As we still have a child under 5 BA allowed us to board ahead of everyone else, and for the first time in any of our lives we were literally the first people onto the plane. Which was good, as we were sitting four rows from the very back.

Apart from La Serpiente having a huge vomit just before we boarded, and my wife being sick on the plane, and Destroyer’s iPad breaking and denying her any TV, the journey was uneventful. The kids slept a lot, while I watched The Meg and then tried to explain to Destroyer why BA had misprogrammed the entertainment system so the menu displayed her favourite, Paw Patrol, but actually played some random Nickelodeon movie instead, and then we were in Singapore along with all our luggage, and it’s really time to go to bed.

Tomorrow, back to normality, or at least attempting to stick to my resolutions. 2019 starts on the 4th of January.

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