Them’s the brakes

Today was the first day this year that I didn’t do any pull ups. I’m glad; my hands were sore and I needed a break. Tomorrow I get up at 6 am to go climbing, and then the madness begins all over again, I guess.
I got lots of mail today. There was my W2 which is a form telling me how much I was paid. There was a letter from Sirius XM trying to persuade me to pay for satellite radio stations that I never listen to. And there was a recall notice for our car to say the brakes might not work properly, so that’s going off to the dealership on Thursday to get serviced.

I mean, the brakes seem ok so far, in that I’ve not crashed into anything, but is that a stellar recommendation? Perhaps not. At least there’s a recall notice, rather than a car shaped hole in a wall somewhere.

It rained all day, so the children hardly went outside. I took La Serpiente to the shops to mail some dice, and perhaps if I’d known we didn’t have the best brakes in the world we wouldn’t have gone in the car. Who’s to say?

And so to bed, a little light reading of Dune first, perhaps…

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