Things happen

A lot happened today.

I woke up about three a.m. in agony as my left calf cramped up: I suppose I shouldn’t have drunk gin, wine, and a whiskey-filled hot toddy before bed. Or at least not alongside a raft of cheddar and a big spoonful of cough medicine. I thrashed in agony for a while, then went back to sleep.

When I woke up, I had to take the girls out for their cookery class. If I didn’t have a massive sweat on (partly from the booze, partly from the weather, partly from having Destroyer strapped to my back) I’d have enjoyed this a lot more. We went up to the wet market behind Little India MRT and bought food to cook, and La Serpiente was induced to stroke a dead shark by a fishmonger, and then we went away again. I know this narrative is somewhat wanting; there’s no clear structure to it, apparently unrelated events occur, but that’s just how my Sundays go, I suppose.

I took the girls to my friend’s condo, where they learned to make a frjttata. Along the way I tried to get La Serpiente not to main herself or anyone else while dicing onions, and then my wife spelled me off and I went to my yoga class.

This was very relaxing, apart from finding once again that my pelvis is a mess of shoddy alignment, and being stretched. So much so that I almost fell asleep lying on the floor. Or perhaps that was the hangover, or the cough medicine, or being 500 safe yards away from Destroyer and La Serpiente. My spirit calmed, I returned home, where everyone was asleep, and read Deadpool comics until they woke up.

At this point, I tried to persuade everyone to watch the motorcycle racing from Le Mans, but instead we went out to a 1st birthday party. This was better, not least because there was an entire suckling pig, a swimming pool for the kids to thrash around in, and a supply of beer and cupcakes. I’d say I was in hog heaven but I’d be scared somebody would roast me.

We went home, the kids shouted at us, I went out and bought cheese, the children had cereal for dinner, we put them to bed, my wife went to sleep at 9p.m., I stayed up to watch an amazing Le Mans motogp race, and then I gave up and went to bed.

As I said, a lot happened today.

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