Things in the bed

This morning I woke to find both children in the bed. My wife had somehow been relegated to the end of the bed, as the girls had slowly shoved her down through the evening.

Tonight, going to bed, I discovered a small red alarm clock with a luminous dial that I’ve had for about 25 years, that for some reason the girls have become fascinated with. Or think it’s amusing to hide it in our duvet. Is it a metaphor?

It rained again today, so I got wet on the way to work. It rained in the evening, but damp trousers matter less when you can change out of them. Despite moist clothes I had an enjoyable day, even though one call I was on was so boisterous I began to wonder if the people on the other end were back from a liquid lunch. So, damp in other ways.

I meant to go swimming tonight. Instead, I drank cider and played three games of Blood Bowl. That’s probably a bit much, right?

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