Things, mostly

Today was a bit of a daze. I woke late, rushed the girls through breakfast and an abbreviated wall up to school and back, and then had a two hour training session led by a improv troupe from Chicago, via Zoom. There are certainly some strange things that I’ve done during the covid lockdown.
I had meetings with people where I wasn’t sure if I was talking rubbish or not (including a Freudian slip where I referred to something as crappy rather than as an API – oh, the giggles we get in technology) and then the afternoon dragged to an inevitable conclusion, before I stopped work entirely and spent twenty minutes climbing around a virtual rock in an imaginary Thailand. Like I said, the giggles we get in technology.

The kids went to sleep, I tidied all the junk off my desk, and then panicked because tomorrow morning I’m home alone with the girls on my day off, and I have work calls (on my day off) and a man coming to fit a burglar alarm. It’s a good life if you don’t weaken.

I ordered quite a few boring things from Amazon this week – rechargeable batteries and USB connection cords and webcams and a new power cord for my Xbox with a US plug on the end, so we don’t have to use an enormous plug adaptor. Hopefully this makes the house slightly more efficient and tidy. And tomorrow, after years of prevaricating, some smart light bulbs! It’s going to be quite a weekend…

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