Things need replacimg

I had to change my laptop today; my old one, a Lenovo Yoga X1, has been getting increasingly unreliable, getting hot and sometimes refusing to cooperate. So I swapped it for a more powerful model that should also be more robust. But in doing so, I lose all the stickers I’d stuck on my old one, and, worse, the new one doesn’t play nice with my monitor set up, so I predict a few days of rage and frustration as I try to get screens and keyboards and all that palaver to work again. Or I get a terrible ergonomic injury.
After that frustration, I went home, got a strange migraine aura which distorted my vision and eventually led to a headache, and then made my wife go to bed while I take the sofa for sleep. The sofa is the premium sleeping spot in the house because the girls keep coming into our bed and waking us up, whereas they don’t go downstairs.

In fact, for maximum concealment I’m going to hide in the toy room on the sofa bed tonight and shut the door. Nobody will find me, and the only downside is if I sleep in and nobody finds me, and La Serpiente is late for school, because she has to be there by sparrow fart tomorrow.

Anyway, to bed. My brain will be better in the morning.

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