Things to stress about

Today I drove down to the homeless outreach, bringing a birthday cake somebody had requested last week, and a coupe of plastic wrapped slabs of bottled water, which I’d struggled to carry through the Fred Meyer superstore without dropping everywhere. I was a bit worried that the guy who’d requested the cake might not be around, but he emerged after a while, so my fears that we’d miss each other were unfounded. I handed out coffee, helped people bag things up, and then drove home in time to see the Seahawks lurch to a victory over the LA Rams, in a game where nobody seemed to be able to score for the first half, and then in the last few minutes, just to scare you, the Seahawks almost gave the game away before scoring to ensure the result of the match.

And then we ate pizza.

Tomorrow we’re driving to Leavenworth, which is almost the max range of the car, so we have to find a place to charge the battery on the way back, or be stuck in the mountains. In theory (without the air con on) we have 270 miles of range, and Leavenworth is 140 miles away, and there are some charging stations. So fingers crossed…

To prepare for this trip, I spent a good few hours of the day playing Blood Bowl, and losing every damn game. Four games I had today that ended in disaster, teams smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. My final match I almost got a draw, and had it snatched from me in the final turn – and that was the enjoyable match of the four. I question why I put myself through this, sometimes.

And then I had my league match, where giant rats with chainsaws tool on goblins riding sentient mushrooms, with trolls and bomb flinging nutters on either side, and despite thinking I was going to get roundly thrashed, I battled on to a 1-1 draw, and felt I’d achieved something for a change. Aaaand relax.

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