Thinking of things

Today I wrote half a script for a shoot on Saturday. At lunchtime today, I had been walking through Hong Lim Park, a small square of grass near my office, worried that we had no new ideas to shoot this weekend, and then I returned to the office, checked my emails and found one of my collaborators had sent me the skeleton of a script. It turns out it can be easier to fill in the gaps on somebody else’s idea.

Now all we need is a crutch, an eye patch, a musket, an old wooden telescope, a parakeet and the uniform of a British admiral. And there I was thinking that we didn’t need to invest in many things to make a video.

I did come up with another script idea, which is simpler; it just needs some jelly, some Jacob’s cream crackers and a very big knife. That will take some explaining if I get stopped on the way to shoot.

I thought about other things as well. I fiddled around with my database, which annoyingly after getting fifteen times faster yesterday has now become almost as slow as before. I tinkered and I made amendments and it seemed to improve, but it’s a difficult task. When you’re optimizing a tool like this there’s little tangible benefit to show for a long period, and that can make it feel as if you’ve achieved nothing. But slowly slowly, I think I’m inching toward a better understanding of how to do my job quicker.

Doing it quicker should mean I have the chance to leave on time and get home to see my wife and yet-to-be-born child; sadly spending hours staring at a screen a d nKing infinitesimal adjustments does not, in the short term, give any feeling of release.

But then I did think about jelly and enormous knives, so that’s a start.

Tomorrow night I have a race. I feel terribly ill-prepared for it. I wonder if I’ll feel the same the day my baby is delivered.

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