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As it was the weekend, I took the girls out cycling again. Last week we did just under 7 miles, but this involved a long descent on the crappy roads of Seattle and La Serpiente didn’t fancy repeating that (or the long climb back) so instead we took a long route first north, then south all the way to Fremont, stopping for doughnuts at Top Pot, watching the Fremont Bridge go up and down, and finally riding home up a very, very big hill.
La Serpiente was excellent throughout. On occasion she forgets left from right, and still doesn’t understand that you don’t pull out without looking for cars behind you, and she managed to crash today by riding into the curb rather than either going on the road or the sidewall, but the rest of the time she didn’t terrify me.

We rode up a very steep hill that I assumed would get us onto the ridge and we could then get safely down to home. Instead, we got to a dead end and had to ride down again and though a little scared of descending, she acquitted herself excellently. On the back of my bike, Destroyer fantasised about us cartwheeling down the hill. I tried to explain how that would be a Bad Thing.

We got home, La Serpiente unicycled, Destroyer had a 30 minute tantrum about her dinner of scrambled eggs, then both kids were asleep by 730, and at 8 I went out for my first run of the year. My watch has a built in coaching function that told me to run as fast as I could for 5 minutes, to figure out how I should train for a 5k.

I did a kilometre in 4:10, which would put me well under my target of 22:30, if that hadn’t felt so murderous. Let’s see how we go with this…

Came home, played two games of Blood Bowl, won 1 1-0, lost the other 3-2. So that’s a draw, right?

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