Three times more coffee than necessary

I finished an exam for my MBA yesterday (over 88%, thanks for asking) but I’d crammed so much into my head in the previous 24 hours that I just wanted to rest today, so instead I played a game of Blood Bowl (against a really slow opponent, but I held him to a draw by the skin of my teeth) and then watched some television. Tomorrow, I will improve.
My wife has got a shin splint, probably from all the walking she’s doing with Destroyer every day, so I made her put on one of my compression sleeves from running. Sadly it’s still painful, so I’m not sure what to do there. I got home tonight and both kids were in the bath making the water turn dark grey; perhaps this is winter. Filthy kids, wife falling to pieces.

Oh, and I drank three double espressos today. This was definitely a bad idea as I spent most of the day incapable of doing much at all. After the coffee. Tomorrow, I stop.

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