Time off for good behaviour

I took the afternoon off again, fetched Destroyer from her school and then got home just in time for a notary to come and take me through all the documents I had to sign for our refinance, after which we’ll have a mortgage which is 1.5% cheaper per year (but because it’s another 30 year mortgage, won’t finish until 2050).
I thought with me taking thr afternoon off I’d be helping with the kids, but my wife took them out for a play date Md I had a work call, because not everyone seems to understand when you’re off for the day they can’t book meetings with clients and demand you attend. Except for when they do, sigh.

Then I played too much Blood Bowl and put the kids to bed, ran through a couple of hours of my MBA, and now I’m devoid of mental energy. But it is bedtime, so at least I’m in bed before midnight. That’s a start.

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